Area Aquatic Center Public Consultation Survey

City of Corner Brook
Media Advisory

Tract Consulting is developing a feasibility study to assess the viability of building a new aquatic centre for the Corner Brook/Humber Valley Region. The purpose of the feasibility study is to determine a solution to the existing and impending gaps in aquatic facilities in the Corner Brook/Humber Valley Region, due to the closing of the Grenfell Campus pool, and the age of the Arts and Culture pool.

Your participation and involvement is critical in the process of preparing the Aquatic Centre Feasibility Study. Your input will inform program requirements, recommendations and help determine the viability of a new state of the art aquatic facility for the region.

Please take a few minutes to fill out the Aquatic Centre Feasibility Survey.

Complete our brief survey, available until Friday October 13th

Your involvement and input will help shape the vision for an aquatics center in the area. We are in the final phase of our consultation and we want to hear from you!