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Sport Fields

The Recreation Services Division of the City of Corner Brook operates and maintains a number of sport fields throughout the city. These fields are used by individuals, civic groups, educational institutions, and sport leagues. These include three softball fields, four soccer fields (including one with artificial turf), one senior baseball field, one minor baseball field, tennis courts and beach volleyball courts.

Wellington Street Complex
Built in 2008 to host the Newfoundland and Labrador Summer Games, this complex boasts one natural turf softball field, two beach volleyball courts, four tennis courts, and an artificial turf soccer field.  The soccer field is also equipped with lights for night games.  Change rooms, washrooms, meeting area, first aid room, and a canteen are available at the complex. 

Monarchs Complex (West Side)
This complex has a natural turf regulation size soccer field and softball field. The soccer field is used for neighbourhood minor soccer programming and competitive soccer play. The softball field is used by the local men's slo pitch leage and various community groups for fundraising touraments.

St. Mark’s Avenue (East Side)
The Ambrose O’Reilly Pitch is a natural turf, regulation size soccer field  and is adjacent to a softball field.  A children’s playground  with two slides, infant and children’s swings, a sand play area, and composite play apparatus are next to both sports fields.

Jubilee Baseball Field (O’Connell Drive)
This facility consists of a regulation natural turf field for senior players, as well as a smaller field used for minor programming. Change rooms, washrooms, and canteen services are also available.  Jubilee field is also equipped with lights for night games.

J.J. Curling Elementary School Robert Taylor Park (Woodbine Avenue)
This park consists of a basketball court, and a children’s playground, the playground has modern equipment. Parking is adjacent to the school.

George “Daddy” Dawe Soccer Field
This natural turf, regulation size soccer pitch is situated in the Curling area of Corner Brook on O’Connell Drive. The facility is used by neighborhood and city- wide minor and senior soccer groups.

Kinsmen Municipal Skateboard Park
Located on Commercial Street in the city’s downtown area, the Kinsmen Skateboard Park is unsupervised.  The park is suitable for beginners or anyone seeking a learning experience or a higher challenge. Personal safety equipment is recommended when using the skateboard park.

Booking a Sport Field

The order of priority for sport field allocation is:

  1. sport leagues (youth and adult)
  2. special events  such (tournaments, activity camps, and school events)
  3. occasional users (educational institutions).

Competitive games are given priority over practice games. Once leagues have been allocated fields, other users will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

A Sport Field Allocation Application must be submitted to the Recreation Services Division 30 days prior to the season start-up.

For special events such as tournaments, a Special Event Application must be submitted in addition to a Sport Field Allocation Application.  It is best to submit applications as early as possible.


  • Wellington Street Sports Complex – 1 softball field, 2 beach volleyball courts,4 tennis courts, 1 artificial turf soccer field
  • Basha Memorial Park (at Wellington Street Complex) – 1 softball field 
  • St. Marks Avenue – 1 softball field, and 1 natural turf soccer field 
  • Woodbine Avenue – Basketball court
  • Monarchs Complex – 1 softball field, 1 natural turf soccer field 
  • Dawe Complex – 1 natural turf soccer field 
  • Jubilee Field – 1 senior baseball field and 1 minor baseball field

FEES (Sport Leagues)
Senior baseball/soccer/softball - $ 350.00 per season per team
Junior baseball - $ 275.00 per season per team
Minor sport - No Charge

Note: If a minor team wishes to play within a senior league, they will be charged senior league fees.

Before an allocation is finalized and a user is permitted access to a sport field, a formal agreement will be signed between the City of Corner Brook and the user.  All responsibilities, terms, and conditions will be outlined in the contract. 

For additional information, contact the Recreation Services Division at 709-637-1577.