IMSP and Development Regulation Amendments

An amendment to either the Integrated Municipal Sustainability Plan (IMSP) or the Development Regulations involves a change to either specific text or a specific map.  A text amendment may involve changing one work or many sections of the IMSP and/or Development Regulations, with no change to the land use mapping.  An example of a text amendment could involve the addition or removal of a condition for a specific use; i.e adding a condition that addresses reduced setbacks on side yards.  An amendment to the land use zoning maps could involve a change to the boundaries and designation of one, several or all zones.  If a zoning amendment is successful, the land is then capable of supporting all uses, permitted and discretionary, of the new zone. The City uses this webpage as one method of delivery to give notice to the residents of Corner Brook whenever a proposal has been requested to amend the IMSP or the Development Regulations.

Recently Proposed Amendments

Municipal Plan & Development Regulation Amendment – MP-DR 18-05

The Public is advised that the City of Corner Brook is considering amendments to its Development Regulations, as per the following:

To amend policy of the General and Light Industrial Areas – Uses; and to add the “outdoor assembly” classification of use as a discretionary use of the General Industrial Use Zone Table.  The amended policy and new classification of use will allow those examples listed under “outdoor assembly” in Schedule B of the Development Regulations to be permitted in the General Industrial zone, at the discretion of the Authority, provided that the use is complementary to uses within the permitted use classes or that the development will not inhibit or prejudice the existence or the development of such uses.

Council requests that anyone wishing to provide comments on the proposed amendments do so in writing by April 18, 2018. A response to this public notice shall form part of the public record. If you do not wish your name attributed to the comment, please advise the City when responding. Anyone wishing to inspect a copy of the proposed amendments may do so by visiting City Hall during normal business hours, by contacting the Planning Office at 637-1553 or 637-1578, or by visiting the City’s website at

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Amendments being considered for Approval



Recently Approved Amendments





Planning staff are available to respond to all concerns related to zoning and amendments.

Planning Office – 709-637-1553 or 709-637-1578

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