Planning & Development

The planning division is responsible for several areas:

  • Administration – review and amendment of the Corner Brook Municipal Plan and Development Regulations
  • Conducting Public Hearings and Meetings
  • Appeal Board Hearings – preparation of or representing the City at appeal board hearings
  • Street Naming (nomenclature) –  preparing new civic numbering plans, etc.
  • Partnerships representing the City through partnerships or committees with external agencies
  • Development – review of major development applications
  • Plans – preparation of special area plans and schemes
  • Mapping Support  – providing mapping support to other departments

Planning Staff

The role of the Planning division staff is to guide the physical growth of the City of Corner Brook. To do so, staff in this division work to ensure all aspects of development conform to the established goals of the community as defined in the Municipal Plan. Planning staff do this in two ways:

  • administering the policies and regulations of the Municipal Plan, Development Regulations, and  other guidelines where applicable; and
  • consulting with the community, internal/external City departments and other interests groups as needed to ensure that any proposed development plans, policies or processes benefit the future of Corner Brook.

All documentation associated with planning can be accessed via the sustainable development and planning page here.

Colleen Humphries, Supervisor of Planning:

Tel:  709-637-1553
Fax:  709-637-1514

The Planning division is located on the main floor of City Hall at 5 Park Street. Map