Tax Sales – Property

If a property owner’s tax balance becomes severely in arrears, the City has the authority to sell the property to collect the outstanding balance.  The City of Corner Brook Act states that for overdue property tax account balances, the City shall issue a Notice of Arrears.  This notice describes the property, lists the amount of taxes owing, the years for which the taxes are owing, and the name of the registered property owner.  The notice informs the property owner that, unless the outstanding taxes are paid in 60 days, the property will be sold by the City to collect the outstanding taxes.

If the taxes are not paid within the designated timeline the City will publish a notice of sale at least 30 days before the auction date.  Once the property is sold, the funds will first be applied to the balance owed to the City.  Any funds remaining will be returned to the registered owner.

For further information on property tax sales, please contact Customer Service, at 1-709-637-1500.


The current list of properties up for tax sale can be found below:

  • their are no current properties available

Purchase and Sale Agreement Sample

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