Media & Public Invitation: Corporate Priorities Public Consultation

City of Corner Brook
Media Advisory

The City of Corner Brook would like to invite the media and public to a Corporate Priorities Consultation Session


Topic and Venue


November 29, 2016 Corporate Priorities Public Consultation Session-Civic Centre Meeting Rooms 1-3 6:30 p.m.
November 30, 2016 Corporate Priorities Public Consultation Session-Civic Centre Meeting Rooms 1-3 6:30 p.m.


The objectives and goals of this initiative is to provide an opportunity for the public to provide feedback on the draft activities in the report as a part of the planning process.

About the Plan:

The City of Corner Brook draft Corporate Plan sets out the organization’s proposed priorities from

The Corporate Priorities draft Plan is Council’s leadership draft document for the City of Corner Brook. It sets out Council’s strategic agenda, and guides all other planning initiatives and service delivery activities within the organization. The Corporate Priorities Plan explains what we want to achieve for Corner Brook and how the City government can contribute to this vision.

How We Got Here: In 2015-2016, Corner Brook’s City Council, the City Manager, and Directors led the development of a new Corporate Priorities Plan. The draft Plan was presented at the Public Meeting on November 7, 2016 and is available for public viewing and feedback.

 Summary of Key Steps

Pre-Planning-Preliminary Discussions

Council and Directors

Draft Plan Development

Submit Draft Recommendations to Council

Key Performance Indicators Developed

Draft Document Creation and revised

Communicate Plan

Release draft document to the public

Consult Stakeholders & Public

Public feedback consultation sessions


Email and written submissions consultation deadline


Modify activities in the report

Final Report                                                 

Release Final report








November 7


November 29 or November 30

December 20

January 2017


January 2017

Written or Email Submissions

Written or Email Submissions will be accepted until December 20, 2016.

Background Information

Corporate Priorities Draft Plan {}



Mayor Charles Pender,
(709) 637-1537