Snow Storm Operations

City of Corner Brook
Media Advisory

The City of Corner Brook wishes to advise the public that due to heavy snowfall, wind, and poor visibility road conditions are deteriorated and snow clearing operations require time to complete. We want to remind residents to check weather and road reports before they leave and to avoid unnecessary travel. If travel is required, allow extra time for travelling to and from destinations and slow down.

The Infrastructure and Public Works Department has been clearing the snowfall since 4:00 am this morning. All available snow clearing equipment is being utilized. Main routes are currently being re-plowed followed by a salt and sand truck.

The City’s streets and roads are divided into 7 main zones. Emergency and main routes are priority. Each zone is covered by 1 or 2 plows depending on their size and complexity. Under normal conditions it takes approximately 12 hours to plow each route. During heavy snow events the primary streets may have to be plowed more frequently, thereby extending the time to complete the secondary and residential roads.

Residents can help make the process safer for everyone:

  • Please slow down, be patient, and let snow plow operators lead the way
  • Please comply with the No On-Street Parking Overnight
  • Ensure all structures and vehicles are a minimum 20 feet from the center of the road
  • Avoid placing snow in the roadway or upon hydrants while clearing snow from driveways
  • Beware of reduced visibility. Even at reduced plowing speeds, a light powdery snow forms a cloud in the wake of a snow plow that severely restricts a driver’s visibility.  This makes passing extremely dangerous
  • Teach children to play away from the road.  The driver of a snowplow may not be able to see a child playing in the snow
  • Pedestrians should ensure they are visible.  Pedestrians should move back from the road if they see or hear a snow plow approaching

The City of Corner Brook Infrastructure and Public Works roads crews would like to thank you for your patience and cooperation during winter storms.


Mayor Charles Pender,
(709) 637-1537