City Council Pleased With Announcement of a New Acute Care Regional Hospital for Western Newfoundland

City of Corner Brook
Media Advisory

Today, at a media conference, the Honourable Dwight Ball, Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador confirmed the Provincial Government’s commitment to construct a new acute care regional hospital in Corner Brook. A commitment was made for the new regional hospital to include the same services as available at Western Memorial Regional Hospital, as well as an expanded cancer care program, which will include radiation services.

City Council was pleased to see a Request for Proposals for a Procurement Advisor, issued today, as a first step in the implementation of the acute care hospital project. The new hospital will include 164 acute care beds and will provide the same services currently offered at the existing hospital as well as an expanded cancer care program, which will include radiation services.

The new acute care regional hospital will be approximately 50,000 square metres and will include 164 acute care beds. This is in addition to the new 145 bed facility that will begin construction later this year and include 120 long-term care, 15 palliative care and 10 rehabilitative beds on the campus for a total of 309 beds.

“Today, is a significant day for the people of Corner Brook and this region. We are pleased to hear that the Premier is moving ahead with a commitment to health and wellness in this region,” said Deputy Mayor Bernd Staeben. “On behalf of the City of Corner Brook we appreciate the support to health care services, local jobs, and bringing ease to families and businesses. We look forward to continuing our working relationship as construction begins and health care capacity is increased in our community.”


  • Premier Ball confirmed the Government’s commitment to a new acute care hospital in Corner Brook.
  • Construction of the new acute care regional hospital is scheduled to begin in 2019 with the facility to be completed in 2023.

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Deputy Mayor Bernd Staeben