Council Adopts the Corporate Priorities Plan for 2017 – 2020

City of Corner Brook
Media Advisory

At the public meeting tonight, Council members approved the adoption of Corner Brook’s Corporate Priorities Plan.

Starting in November of 2015 Council and Directors began preliminary discussions of priorities. Council and key staff embarked on a comprehensive consultation process to identify the issues that are important to residents, business owners, and our community. A draft plan was made available in October 2016 and communicated to the public. Various stakeholder sessions were undertaken, as well as a public input opportunity through the website. In January 2017, the document was modified to include public feedback. In February and March, Council members and senior staff took all the information collected and participated in discussions to finalize the corporate priorities for 2017-2020.

The Strategic Plan is an important blueprint for Council. Many of the issues identified, such as infrastructure, economic development and business opportunities, sustainable development and climate change, and recreation and green spaces reinforced what many of us heard during multiple conversations with citizens,” stated Mayor Charles Pender.

“This plan gives staff clear direction on Council’s expectations for the upcoming years,” stated the City Manager-Melissa Wiklund. “It provides us with definitive benchmarks to assess where we are going. This is a wonderful start, next steps are to work with staff on an implementation strategy and communicate progress to residents.”

A copy of the Corporate Priorities Plan is available on the City’s website at

Strategic Priority I: Invest In Quality Infrastructure Development  

  • Goal A: Water and Sewer Infrastructure
  • Goal B: Roads, Trails and Streets
  • Goal C: Asset Management
  • Goal D: New Buildings, Building Repairs and Upgrades

Strategic Priority II: Economic Development and Population Growth

  • Goal A: Population Growth
  • Goal B: Economic Development
Strategic Priority III: Revitalize our Downtown 

  • Goal A: Vacant Buildings
  • Goal B: Desirable Downtown
  • Goal C: Business Opportunities

Strategic Priority IV: Sustainable Development and Sports and Eco (Adventure) Tourism

  • Goal A: Parks and Recreation
  • Goal B: Eco Tourism and Sports
  • Goal C: Sustainable Development and Climate Change


April 10, 2017: For Immediate Release