City of Corner Brook Releases Final Fire Study Report

City of Corner Brook
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In May 2016, the City of Corner Brook retained the services of Pomax Consulting, to conduct a study of the Corner Brook Fire Service. Pomax finalized their report in late 2016 and subsequently presented their findings to Council and senior staff. The final report provided insight into specifics areas that the department should address in an effort to improve service delivery by the Fire Service Division.

The Pomax’s report, recommends the City of Corner Brook focus on eight key areas:

Personnel: In the area of Personnel the report recommends reviewing staffing within the department with a particular emphasis on training and standardizing the Fire Departments practices and operational procedures.  The consultant recommended the Department give consideration to identifying opportunities for improving effectiveness and efficiency in staffing with consideration to hiring additional staff in the following areas:

  1. New implementation coordinator
  2. Additional Firefighters
  3. New fire and life safety educator

Training: The report identified the requirement for additional emphasis on training in the Fire Department.

  1. Provide Firefighters more training in Public Education Delivery and Building Inspections to align with the Fire Prevention Model

Equipment and Operations:  In an effort to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the department the consultant recommended the following initiatives:

  1. A commitment to governance and standardizing of fire department operational processes
  2. Acquiring a data management system
  3. Fire apparatus- fire truck replacement plan
  4. Building of two new fire stations and their geographic positioning

The total cost to implement all the recommendations is estimated to exceed 10 million dollars. The recommendations from the consultant’s report will lead to further discussions and collaboration between Council, the Protective Services Committee, and the City of Corner Brook in order to analyze and choose the best course of action.

Since receiving the final report Council, and senior staff have been reviewing the recommendations and have been able to implement some of the recommendations within existing budget allocations and other items have been actioned including:

  • The Corner Brook Fire Department is shifting its focus from a Suppression Model to a Prevention Model of Fire Service with the goal of actively educating residents on Fire Prevention.
  • The Corner Brook fire prevention bylaw is under review and a new bylaw will soon be added to empower the Fire Department.
  • Over the past year the Fire Department has moved from paper records and files to electronic based data management with a goal to move towards dedicated software that will collect, record, and administer the Fire Department data.
  • The NFPA Standard 1710 was used to measure the fire service response capabilities to residential structure fires. The recommendations are being considered. Interim Fire Services are guided by a Standard Operating Procedure that directs response tasks conditional on number of Firefighters on scene and utilizes its on-call Firefighters to bring the workforce to the NFPA Full-Alarm assignment of 14-15 Firefighters.
  • A new Training Captain has been put in place at the fire department. All training is being been assessed and is being updated.
  • The recommendation of a new position of Fire and Life Safety Educator and Implementation Coordinator is understood by Council and senior management. These position were not identified in the 2017 budget and is under review for 2018.
  • In November 2015, a new Pierce Saber Custom Rescue Pumper Truck was purchased for over $500,000. Plans are in place for the purchase of another truck once a full evaluation of specifications of a new truck has been determined that will best serve Corner Brook. The City has started a reserve fund to purchase or lease a new fire truck.
  • Council and the City are reviewing the recommendations of the fire stations with a focus of ensuring fire safety to residents as a priority. Some items will be deferred to the new Council in September.

The full Fire Study report by Pomax may be found at Report Link

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