Public Notice: Phase Two of the Combined Sewer Separation Commencing On Elswick Road

City of Corner Brook
Media Advisory

Public Notice:

The City of Corner Brook is continuing with its program of separating the existing combined sewers to separate sanitary and storm systems as a part of a phased initiative towards full sewage treatment in accordance with Government of Canada wastewater regulations. This separation will reduce the volume of storm water flows conveyed to the future wastewater treatment plant with a goal of removing pollutants and the protection and preservation of our natural water resources and building a sustainable and resilient future.

Construction of phase two is scheduled to begin on August 1st, 2017 and substantial completion of the base course asphalt is scheduled to be completed by the end of November 2017 for all phase two work zones. This phase of the water & sewer separation project is scheduled to affect all of Elswick Road, throughout the 2017 construction season, with the second of two layers of asphalt placed in the summer of 2018.

Phase two will consist of installation of new sanitary sewer, storm sewer and water distribution systems as well as new water and sewer services to the homes. The new installation of underground infrastructure will result in a complete replacement of the asphalt, curb and sidewalk on each street.

The work is to be completed in three work zones as follows:

  • The first work zone will include Elswick Road from the O’Connell Dr. intersection to the Eastern West Valley Rd. intersection.
  • The second work zone will include Elswick Road from the Western West Valley Rd. intersection to the Cobb Ln. intersection.
  • The third work zone will include Elswick Road from the Cobb Ln. intersection to the O’Connell Dr. intersection.

Due to the extensive construction efforts, traffic delays and detours will be expected throughout the duration of the work. Existing water and sewer services are intend to be maintained during the course of the work through diversion of sewer and provision of temporary water servicing where applicable. Residents will be advised in advance where short term service interruptions are planned and access to driveways are inhibited.

The City of Corner Brook would like to thank you for your cooperation and apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause.

Quick Facts:

– Construction will take place from August 1 to November 2017

– Construction Costs for Phase 1 is approximately $3.8 million


Bonita Decaire | Information Officer | City of Corner Brook
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July 31, 2017: Public Notice


Phase 1 included Cobb Lane, Marcelle Avenue, Hammond Drive and Birch Avenue and the rehabilitation and/or replacement of underground services and road upgrading.

Phase one is being carried out to accommodate connection and co-ordination future phases of work.


Phase 3 includes West Valley Road and construction is expected to commence in the spring of 2018