Public Notice: Skateboard Park Relocation

City of Corner Brook
Media Advisory

The City of Corner Brook Skateboard Park will soon have a new home in the Wellington Street
sports area.

The City has accepted a proposal from local developer, Greg Penney to move the park and make
room for additional parking at the former post office location on Main Street.
With the agreement, Mr. Penney will create a new asphalt pad and transport the existing
equipment to the City’s preferred location. Mr. Penney will also pay for the addition of some new

“We are pleased to see the park move to the new location,” said Mayor Parsons. “While this isn’t
a long term solution to the needs of the skateboarding community, we certainly want to make
every effort to consult with skateboarders and improve the park as much as possible as part of
this move.”

City staff conducted a very successful consultation session with many skate park users on
Thursday, Oct. 26, and there are plans to continue the dialogue on an ongoing basis.
Work on relocation of the skate park will take place early next week and will be completed within
a few weeks of commencement, weather permiting.



Annette George
Manager of Community Services