Media release: Main Street Bridge Replacement Project Update

City of Corner Brook
Media Advisory

Due to the age and condition of the existing structure, the City of Corner Brook is planning for the replacement of the Main Street bridge over Corner Brook Stream. The new bridge will be 4 lanes wide (compared to the existing 3 lane structure with sidewalks on either side, and will be in the same location but raised 1m to accommodate higher stream volume in future floods. The new structure will also offer improved aesthetics such as decorative railing, concrete pilasters, stylish light posts, painted girders and structural arches intended to blend well with the neighboring downtown business environment.

The project location is quite challenging with no option to shift the road realignment, making it necessary to close the bridge/Main Street temporarily during construction. Recognizing the importance of this thoroughfare in the downtown core, the City has taken measure to ensure that the duration of the closure is mitigated. The new bridge will be constructed used an innovative Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) technique that will reduce the duration of the closure by more than 50%. Using the ABC method, the new structure will be partially constructed in a temporary position to the south of the existing structure. This phase of construction will be completed while the existing bridge remains open and will start in December 2017. Surrounding businesses should expect some loud noise during construction. However, the noise will be isolated to specific work operations and will be in accordance with the City of Corner Brook Noise Regulations.

The Construction Contract has been awarded to Brook Construction and the Main Street Bridge Replacement Project will begin the first week of December 2017. Work will start on the East, upstream side of the bridge where the contractor will be driving piles for the temporary abutments and retaining wall. The majority of work will commence in April-May 2018 when the contractor starts to construct the bridge in the temporary upstream location. The contractor’s regular work schedule will be 10 hours per day, Monday to Friday.

During the closure, vehicular traffic will be detoured onto Lewin Parkway, connected to Main Street using Mill Road and Broadway/Herald Avenue. Pedestrian traffic will also be detoured onto Lewin Parkway, connected to Main Street using Mill Road except the West side will be connected using a new temporary walkway adjacent to the West bank of the stream.


November 17, 2017 11:45