Media Advisory: Rain and Snow Melting Preparation Advisory

City of Corner Brook
Media Advisory


The City of Corner Brook Public Works Department has organized a preparation plan for the rain and melting event expected this weekend. The City would like to inform residents that crews will be on stand-by to resolve any situations that may arise and extra support will be added if required.

Winter parking restrictions are still in effect. These restrictions are necessary in order to ensure snow clearing activities can be completed in a safe and effective manner. On-street parking delays our ability to efficiently plow our streets and is a safety concern. We ask the general public to stay a safe distance from snow clearing equipment and city vehicles. Motorists should be cautious while driving during snow melting and heavy rainfall; please slow down to minimize the potential to hydroplane. Motorists should also give themselves extra time to arrive to their destination, as unexpected street flooding might force traffic detours.

City of Corner Brook Preparation Actions:

  • During this rain and snow event the main roads and side roads have been widened. We are currently in the process of widening the side streets and roads.
  • Crews have been dispatched to assess and clear priority catch basins to reduce flood risk.
  • All priority headwalls are being checked and cleared as required. Snow will be removed from headwall access if needed.
  • Public Works trucks are being checked and supplied with flood control tools and sand bags.
  • The sand supply is being evaluated for quick access and sand bags and calcium have been checked and replenished.
  • If required, loaders, backhoes, and excavators will be dispatched to catch basins and headwalls as needed.
  • Workforce will be adjusted and increased when necessary and pending on the timelines and severity of this rain event.
  • Managerial support will be added if required pending on the severity and timelines of the rain event.

The City does not anticipate any major issues but is being proactive so that the impacts of any issues as a result of localized flooding are minimal. We encourage citizens to call our 24/7 customer service line at   709-637-1666, to report any signs of flooding or other hazards so that crews can be sent out to remedy the situation. Residents are encouraged to monitor on-street storm drains around their house and keep them clear of any blockage.


Bonita Decaire
Information Officer | City of Corner Brook
709-637-1662 |

January 11, 2018: For Immediate Release

9:41 a.m.