Public Notice- Traffic Calming Project PLEASE SLOW DOWN

City of Corner Brook
Media Advisory

Please be advised that new curb, sidewalk and storm sewer was installed at the intersection of Clarence Street and Humber Road in an effort to improve safety for traffic and pedestrians. This project was approved under the Multi Year Capital Works (MYCW) program and was a part of an overall traffic calming project. As a result of changes to the intersection we are asking the public to be aware and adjust motoring speed.


Traffic calming methods are in place to encourage responsible driving and improve safety for everyone using our streets – drivers, pedestrians and cyclists.

Annually, we receive requests from neighbourhoods across our city, asking us to consider measures to slow down drivers.

Installation of curb radius reduction are an option as part of traffic-calming. Curb radius reduction is the reconstruction of an intersection corner using a smaller radius. The reduction is used to reduce speeds in turning movements thereby improving both traffic and pedestrian safety and decreasing pedestrian crossing distances.

Driving Tips for Pedestrians and Motorcyclists

Look out for each other-Be aware; Be safe

Given the changes to this intersection we are asking the motorists and pedestrians to be mindful of the modification to the intersection and please slow down. This will go a long way to improving safety at this intersection and all intersections in the City.

For Drivers:

  • Intersections can be dangerous – pay close attention to your driving and others.
  • Watch out for other drivers and pedestrians.
  • Always look before proceeding through any intersections.
  • Be prepared for the unexpected and share the road safely.

For Pedestrians:

  • Be alert at intersections and always look out for possible dangers when crossing the street.
  • Make eye contact with drivers before you cross the street.
  • Abide by traffic signs and signals. They are in place to protect your safety.


Construction at The Intersection Of Clarence Street And Humber Road

Published October 30, 2017

January-25-18 2:11 PM