Media Advisory: Western Regional Waste Management Moves Forward with 2-Stream Service Roll-out

City of Corner Brook
Media Advisory

Media Advisory from Western Regional Waste Management (WRWM)

Corner Brook, NL, March 15, 2018 – Western Regional Waste Management (WRWM) is pleased to provide details around the new Sort-It Western service they are implementing this summer. Starting in July 2018, WRWM will roll-out a mandatory, clear and blue bag service for residents and businesses in the region.

The 2-stream service will ensure Western Newfoundland is compliant with the Province’s waste management strategy, which set a 50% waste diversion rate and an 80% reduction rate in the number of waste disposal sites. The new service will increase the diversion of recyclables and prevent hazardous materials from going into landfills. Clear bags also improve the safety of garbage collectors by enabling them to see contents in the bag, such as broken glass, needles and other items that can cause injuries.
“We are working with retailers throughout the region to ensure sufficient supplies will be on store shelves in time for the launch,” said Josh Carey, Chair of the Western Regional Service Board. “We want to give people lots of notice so they can use up their dark garbage bags and start using clear bags,” Carey added.

In terms of what the Sort-It Western service will look like, the following components have been confirmed. WRWM will provide updates as additional details become available.
Components of 2-Stream Service

  • Waste will need to be sorted at the residence or business in two streams.
  • Clear bags will be used for waste; blue transparent bags for recyclables.
  •  To accommodate privacy needs, people can use small, non-transparent bags referred to as ‘privacy bags’ to put into their clear bags. Grocery and kitchen catcher bags are commonly used as privacy bags.
  •  Residents will be mailed a clear and blue bag sample pack with a coupon.
  •  A public education campaign will launch in advance of the roll-out.
  •  Details on what can be recycled will be updated to the public in the coming months.

Update on Transfer Stations
A key component of the Sort-It Western service are the six transfer stations that are being built in Western Newfoundland. A transfer station is a building that allows for the temporary storage, sorting and compaction of garbage so it can be transported in the most cost-effective and environmentally-sound way. When garbage and recycling is brought to the transfer stations, it eliminates the dumping of garbage in open landfills.

The Wild Cove and Bay St. George transfer stations are anticipated to be operational in July. Transfer stations in Burgeo, Hampden, Port aux Basques and Rocky Harbour are expected to be operational in the following months.
Information about the Sort-It Western service will be made available to the public as details of the service are confirmed. A new website is being built and information will also be available through social media, radio, print and television.

Industrial, Commercial and Institutional (IC&I) Sector
Western Regional Waste Management will be working with the industrial, commercial and institutional sector to implement compliance guidelines for the new Sort-It Western service.

About Western Regional Waste Management
Western Regional Waste Management (WRWM) is responsible for the development and implementation of a waste management strategy in Western Newfoundland. WRWM works in partnership with industry, municipal and provincial governments, residents, and businesses to achieve sustainable waste management. They currently operate two waste disposal sites for diversion of household hazardous waste and metals in the Corner Brook and Bay St. George areas; along with paper and cardboard recycling in Corner Brook.


For more information:
Josh Carey
Chair, Western Regional Service Board
Tel: (709) 638-0125