NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING – Municipal Plan & Development Regulations Amendments MPA/DRA 18-02 & MPA/DRA 18-05

City of Corner Brook
Media Advisory

The Public is advised that the City of Corner Brook is considering amendments to its Municipal Plan and Development Regulations, as per the following:

In general terms, MP/DR18-02 is to change the land use designation and land use zoning for a portion of the lot at 64 Lundrigan Drive from Rural (land use designation and zoning) to General Industrial (land use designation and zoning ) in order to develop a commercial residential use at the site and consolidate the entirety of the lot under a single land use and zone.

In general terms, MP/DR18-05 is to amend policy of the General and Light Industrial Areas – Uses to add outdoor assembly as a use that may be considered in industrial areas; and to add the “outdoor assembly” classification of use as a discretionary use of Regulation 148, the General Industrial Use Zone Table. The amended policy and new classification of use will allow those examples listed under “outdoor assembly” in Schedule B of the Development Regulations to be permitted in the General Industrial zone, at the discretion of the Authority

As these amendments are related to one application, one Public Hearing is being scheduled to consider the subject amendments and will be held at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, June 13, 2018, at City Hall, 5 Park Street, Corner Brook.

Any person(s), corporation, partnership or association wishing to express objections, support, or comments for any part of the subject amendments being considered at the Public Hearing shall, at least 2 days before the date set for the hearing, deposit with the City Clerk, two copies of a signed, written statement outlining said objections, support, or comments.  If no representation is received within the time indicated, the Hearing may be cancelled.

Click here to visit the Municipal Plan and Development Regulations Amendments webpage to view the amendments details.