Public Notice: Paving Project Update August 31, 2018

City of Corner Brook
Media Advisory

Paving Project Update

August 31, 2018

To date we have placed 9212 tonne of asphalt. This year’s asphalt budget is 3 million.

To determine the paving list, the Community, Engineering Development & Planning Department performs its annual assessment of the street surface conditions through the City’s pavement management system and supplement street inspection and review. In this system a rating of 1 indicates a failed road and 100 indicates excellent condition. Based on this rating, Public Works staff identified the lane miles of streets that are in the worst condition in the city and needed to be part of the 2018 paving program. Each street will take approximately three to five days to complete. Streets must be milled and prepped prior to paving.

The following Streets are complete as of August 30, 2018

Humbermouth                 Location

Riverside Drive                 Toward Stan Dawe
Riverside Drive                 Brakes’s Cove – (combined with Stan dawe)
Premier Drive                    CBC Hill
Townview                            Entire Street
Humber Road                   Clarence Street to Bannisters Road
Spencer Street                  Near service road
Fudge’s Road                     14 to 39

Townsite                             Location

Confederation Drive       Near Ford Dealership
Confederation Drive       Foresthill to Harvey – (combined with ford dealership)
Confederation Drive       Intersection of West Valley
Queen Street                     22 to Brookfield
Maple Valley Road          Brookfield to #64

West Side                           Location

University Drive               Canada Games Place to RNC
Carter Ave                          65 to 97
Union Street                      Elizabeth Street to TransContinental
Valley Road                       Wellington street to Ansteys hill
Beothuk Crescent             Elizabeth street to # 33
Marshall                              23 to Sunnyslope Drive
Country Road                    Oakes Road to Carmen Ave
Elizabeth Street                Phillip Drive to Beothuck Crescent
Sunnyslope                         95 to Marshall Crescent
West Valley Road             Macpherson  Ave to old CNIB Building
Carberry’s Road                69 to snow Street
Carberry’s Road               31 to sunnyslope Drive
Coronation Street            13 to 29
Herald Ave                         Herald Towers to Whalen Gate
Carmen Ave                       Bliss to 33
Glenhaven                          Park Drive to #23

Curling                                 Location

McEachren’s Ave              Turn to Griffin
Curling Street                    Petley to O’Rourke
Griffin Drive                       McEachren’s to Barry
Griffin Drive                       Past Look Out
Connor’s Road                   Griffin Drive towards the ocean
Hillards Road                     #15
Dunbar Ave                        Extension

In addition to the streets listed patching was completed in several areas throughout the City.


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Information Officer ⁞ City of Corner Brook
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