News Release: City Of Corner Brook Approves Eliminating Honkmobile Fees

City of Corner Brook
Media Advisory

Drivers in Corner Brook can now pay for municipal parking with no additional fees

The City of Corner Brook recently has agreed to eliminate user fees for all mobile parking transactions through the use of HonkMobile Application (app). Effective immediately, the City of Corner Brook will be covering transaction fees for all drivers who pay for parking with the Honk app – ensuring the most affordable, seamless and hassle-free parking experience.

Since the launch of Honk as the official mobile payment provider of Corner Brook in November 2016, demand for this parking solution has increased 28% in user adoption. Honk typically charges a transaction fee with every use, this fee can be passed along to the consumer or absorbed by the parking provider. Revenue collected from these fees go towards Honk technology maintenance and customer service.

In an effort to increase usage, and support ease of use for motorist parking in metered zones, the City has agreed to absorb the transaction fee. Eliminating transaction fees for drivers is expected to significantly increase mobile parking adoption in Corner Brook.

Parking enforcement officers use a smartphone app to determine whether drivers paid for parking. Coins can still be used in parking meters.

About Us

Under Protective Services, the City of Corner Brook Municipal Enforcement division is committed to managing publicly-owned on- and off-street parking facilities. Parking fees are returned to the municipal general revenue program which funds projects such as recreation and recreation facilities, pathways and provides funding for community services and public safety programs.

About HonkMobile

The easy-to-use, free app gives drivers the option of bypassing parking meters. Users receive alerts 15 minutes prior to the expiration of their parking session, letting them pay for additional time remotely and preventing them from getting a ticket. The app also stores and manages parking receipts.

Honk is accepted at over 1,900 locations and 150,000 parking spaces across Canada and the United States. Using a single account, motorists can pay for parking anywhere Honk is accepted across North America. The Honk app can be downloaded for free on both iOS and Android at or via the App Store or Google Play.

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Media Advisory: Corner Brook Offers A New Way To Pay For Parking


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Information Officer ⁞ City of Corner Brook
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Wednesday, September 12, 2018:1:28 pm