City Council Releases the 2019 Budget

City of Corner Brook
Media Advisory

On Monday December 10, 2018, Corner Brook City Council approved the 2019 Municipal Budget.

Budget 2019 is largely informed by the results of the Citizen Survey conducted this fall. Economic develop and tourism, street maintenance, snow clearing and customer service were all identified as priority areas.

Revenues and expenditures for the 2019 budget are balanced at  $35,747,900.  This represents an increase of just $693,800 or 1.98% over our 2018 budget (less than inflation). Council has reduced growth in spending while meeting the City’s expanding service levels.

Increased City Costs:

Increased costs associated with Garbage Collection account for $261,700 or 38% of this budget increase.


  • There will be no change in commercial property taxes or business taxes. As requested by the board of the Downtown Business Association, the 10% levy on business tax for business in the downtown business improvement area will not be charged in 2019.
  • Residential property taxes increase by 4.33%. This is based on an average assessed value decrease of 3.83% and a mil rate increase to 8.25 (from 7.5).
  • Single family homes will see an average annual increase of $74, properties with 2 units will see an $80 increase, while properties with 3-10 units will see an average $492 increase.
  • Water-There will be no change unit charges or wastewater levies.
  • Phasing out of the poll tax–in 2019, the income exemption limit will increase by $10,000 to $32,500.

New Initiatives:


  • The City-sponsored working group consisting mostly of tourism operators has begun work on a tourism strategy for the Bay of Islands and Lower Humber Valley region.
  • The City is strengthening its commitment to develop our tourism sector by creating a new Tourism Officer position.


  • The City has commenced engineering work on the new Jubilee Field clubhouse and has made the project the #1 priority for its capital funding request for 2018.
  • Conceptual design work and costing will commence on a new Regional Aquatics facility – Grenfell Campus.

Public Works Improvements:

  • The City will be leasing two additional loaders and purchasing one new “Bobcat” skid-steer loader to assist with street and sidewalk snow clearing operations.
  • We will be conducting more winter asphalt repairs with recently acquired asphalt reclaimer and hotbox.


More Information:

For more details please also see the 2019 Budget Summary and the Budgets and Financial Statements   the entire budget speech can be viewed at YouTube



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