News Release: Rain and Snow Melting Preparation

City of Corner Brook
Media Advisory

The City of Corner Brook has been monitoring information on the approaching complex weather system.

The Public Works Department and Fire Department have organized a rain preparation and snow-melting plan for the anticipated snow and rain event expected on January 20-21, 2019.

City of Corner Brook Preparation Actions:

  • City crews are in Curling, the West side, the East side, and Maple Valley Road area to open all of our priority catch basins.
  • Main and side roads are being widen where necessary.
  • After all streets and roads are widened, most loaders with snow baskets will be changed for ice and snow removal during this rain and snow event.
  • All of our priority headwalls are being cleared. Snow is being removed from headwall access if needed.
  • Pending the rainfall accumulation, backhoes and excavators will be placed on priority headwalls and bridges to reduce the chance of blockages.
  • Public Works trucks are being equipped with flood control tools and sand bags.
  • Our sand supply is being evaluated for quick access. Sand bags and calcium are being replenished.
  • Additional sand has been placed at the Civic Centre lower parking lot for residential use.
  • All Fire Department vehicles are prepared to respond to weather-related emergencies
  • Extra staff support will be added if required

The City does not anticipate any major issues but is being proactive so that the impacts of any issues as a result of localized flooding are minimal. We encourage citizens to call our 24/7 customer service line at 709-637-1666, to report any signs of flooding or other hazards so that crews can be sent out to remedy the situation.

For medical, fire, ambulance, and police emergencies call 9-1-1.

The winter parking restrictions are in effect. On-street parking during inclement weather impedes our ability to efficiently plow our streets and is a safety concern for our operators and public. We ask the public to remain a safe distance from snow clearing equipment and city vehicles. Please reduce vehicle speeds due to a possibility of road water buildup and to Think Safety.


Bonita Decaire
Information Officer
City of Corner Brook
709-637-1662 ⁞


Corner Brook and vicinity:

Your Role as a Resident or Business

Motorists should be cautious while driving during heavy rainfall. Please slow down to minimize the potential to hydroplane. Motorists should also give themselves extra time to arrive to their destination.

Clogged storm drains can cause flooding of roads and private property. If there is a drain, or culvert on or near your property please help keep it clear, examine it regularly, and let us know if it needs attention.

Please clear snow or ice and salt sidewalks and footpaths around your property as soon as possible after snow has stopped falling or ice has formed.

Ensure gutters and storm drains in front of your home are clear of snow, ice, and other debris. This will allow for proper drainage of rain and melted snow, reducing the risk of flooding.

Be Prepared: Emergency Preparedness: Your emergency preparedness guide: Is your family prepared for 72 hours?

How we plow:

City’s streets and roads are divided into 7 main zones and 4 priorities for snow clearing. Crews monitor weather conditions and are prepared and ready to respond and salt and plow roads in the following order of priority:

Priority One: Emergency Routes-mains and collectors roads

Priority Two: Streets and routes leading to neighbourhoods and schools. Under normal conditions it takes approximately 12 hours to plow each route after the snow has stopped falling. During heavy snow events the primary streets may have to be plowed more frequently, thereby extending the time to complete the secondary and residential roads

Priority Three: includes all other local roads, including snow clearing and/or sanding of all bus areas

Priority Four: After all roads are plowed attention is then focused on clearing sidewalks

January 18, 2019 2:30 pm