City of Corner Brook Community Grants Deadline is March 1, 2019

City of Corner Brook
Media Advisory

Annually, as part of the budget process the City of Corner Brook awards grants intended for programs and events by community organizations.  The grant program is intended to provide financial assistance toward projects or events that enhance the quality of life for residents of Corner Brook, and further strategic goals. It is NOT the intent of the City to provide recurrent sustainable funding to the organization.

To Apply for a Community Grant

The 2019 City of Corner Brook Community Investment Grants will be awarded in the following areas:

A.Tourism and Downtown Development

  • Downtown event that draws people to the Downtown
  • Event that attracts tourist

B. Sustainability-Green Projects and Initiatives

  • Project or event that help build a sustainable City
  •  Green initiative

C. Health/ Wellness Projects and Events

  • Project or event that improves the health and wellness of the City of Corner Brook citizens

Community-based projects or events are eligible to receive one grant per year, per organization. The entire amount of the grant will be spent within the City of Corner Brook’s fiscal year .

Deadlines and Administration of Grants

The deadlines to apply for grants  is:

  • For  January Grants: September 30
  • For June Grants: March 1

Administration of Grants

All grant applications are received and administered by the Finance Department, and will be administer on the following schedule:

  • January
  • June


Email-All grant applications can be emailed to