Drive-In Movie Instructions

City of Corner Brook

Please read the below information to ensure a smooth event for everyone.

  1. Location: The Civic Centre Parking Lot.
  2. All participants are required to follow our traffic control team to ensure you are parked properly in preparation for the movie.
  3. Leaving Your Car: Participants must stay in their vehicles except for visiting the washroom facilities located in the Civic Centre Studio. Children are not permitted to run around the theatre site. Masks are recommended to wear once outside your vehicle and within the washroom area.
  4. Vehicle Lights & Engine: Please turn your car into the accessory position before the movie begins. Ensure your vehicle lights are turned off when the movie begins. If you need to start your vehicle, we ask you quickly shutoff to avoid disruption.
  5. Trunks: Participants are not permitted to pop their trunk to watch the movie.
  6. How to Listen: Instructions will be on the screen on how to receive sound from the movie.
  7. Exiting the Theatre Site: Please stay parked until you are guided by our traffic team to exit the facility.
  8. First-Aid: If you require first aid please turn on your hazard lights and track down one of our Drive-In Staff.
  9. Fire Emergency: In the case of a fire, please exit your vehicles immediately and head to Corner Brook Regional High School Parking Lot or the Civic Centre upper Parking Lot.
  10. Washrooms: located inside the Civic Centre Studio. These will be disinfected prior to the movie. Participants are recommended to wear a mask while in the facility and use hand sanitizer that is provided.
  11. Food: There will be no food vendors on site. All snacks must be consumed within your own vehicle.
  12. Buses: No buses are permitted at the Drive-In Movie.
  13. No smoking, alcohol, or cannabis use permitted on the theatre site.
  14. Garbage: Please keep all garbage in your vehicle. Garbage and Recycling bins will be available as people exit the parking area.

Our Efforts to Prevent COVID-19

  • All vehicles will be parked 6-feet away from each other – traffic control will specifically tell you where to park.
  • All participants are to remain in the vehicle except to visit our washroom facility.
  • Social distancing lines at washrooms are required.
  • All staff will be required to wear the proper PPE.