Corner Brook Fire Department Cautions Residents for Guy Fawkes Night

City of Corner Brook

Thursday, November 5th, is Guy Fawkes Day. Traditionally, residents gather for a bonfire with friends to mark the occasion. The Corner Brook Fire Department would encourage those who may wish to have a fire to do so within their bubbles, as per Public Health recommendations. CBFD officials will be on patrol on Thursday night to ensure the safety of residents.

If you decide to have a fire, please be safe and follow these guidelines:

  • Use an appropriate outdoor fireplace.
  • The fireplace must be made of non-combustible material or fire-rated brick, with proper air-flow channels to mitigate smoke.
  • The fireplace must have a device at the top of the vent pipe or over the pit that prevents sparks and embers from being released.
  • A responsible adult must supervise the fire at all times.
  • Persons must burn only what is referred to as normal combustibles. (ie-wood, paper)
  • No petroleum-based material is to be burned in these appliances (ie. Plastic, fuel, etc.)
  • The Fireplace must be placed to allow for a minimum of two-meter clearance on three sides and the nearest combustibles must be at least three meters from the wood loading door.
  • Extinguishers must be kept within easy access, at all times. This may be in the form of approved Class A extinguishers or a garden hose.
  • These outdoor fireplaces shall not be used when wind conditions are such that they may cause embers to ignite surrounding material.
  • If the device is placed on a wooded patio deck they must sit on a non-combustible pad such as patio blocks. The blocks must extend 18 inches beyond (In front of) the wood loading door.
  • All fire must be extinguished before leaving the fireplace unattended.

Do not burn any materials other than dry, clean wood. Tires, plastics, and fuels, or other oil-based combustibles should not be used as per our bylaw (available here), and anyone found using these materials may be fined.

Please keep fires under control, and at a reasonable size.  More information on public gatherings during COVID-19 can be found here