City of Corner Brook Delivers Balanced 2021 Budget

City of Corner Brook

The City of Corner Brook is pleased to present a balanced budget today, December 7, 2020. The total spending in the 2021 budget is $35,435,300 with a decrease of $1,103,800 (3.02%) in spending from the 2020 budget. For more information, please see the highlights below.

A loss of revenue due to COVID-19 hardships was offset by the hard work and dedication of staff in multiple departments. The City was able to find new and innovative ways to operate efficiently without a loss in service delivery to residents, or significant employment cuts.

We would like to thank residents for their patience and resilience during this time, and we look forward to continuing to work with and for you in 2021.

Budget 2021 Highlights

Overall Budget

Total spending in the 2021 budget is $35,435,300.

This represents a decrease of $1,103,800 (3.02%) over our 2020 budget.

There was an overall tightening of all budgets to eliminate discretionary spending, meaning no significant reduction in service levels from 2020 levels while mitigating spending.

There will be no new job cuts – cuts that were implemented in 2020 to remain in place. This means $500K in reduced spending.

Transit: expenses increase by $105,000 (32.69%). We will also be engaging in a consultation effort to find ways of making transit more useful for residents and visitors.

Civic Centre: net cost increased by $243,500 (25.69%) to $1.194M.

            Expenses are down $282,000 (11.41%) to $2.192M.

            Revenues are down $525,500 (34.49%) to $998K.

The City’s debt servicing costs have been reduced to under 11.25% of total annual expenditures.

Property Taxes

There will be no increases to residential and commercial property tax, and service levies.

Overall assessments are down slightly, but tax growth (~$300,000) in new properties developed has offset this reduction in assessment.

Business Tax

There will be a reduction in taxes for over 100 businesses in the tourism and hospitality sectors (~$60,000).

There will be increases to business in three categories (Grocery, large retail and department store) affecting 16 locations (~$339,000).

Without adjustment to business tax rates, overall business taxes would have been down by over 5% or almost $300,000, due to lower assessments and business closures.

Public Works Improvements

The City will be making much needed changes in the way we tackle common maintenance activity.

  • Curb and sidewalk repair budget to increase by 23%.
  • New street sweeper to be purchased for ~$400K.
  • Continued prioritization of service requests.

The City will be updating its Integrated Municipality Sustainability Plan (IMSP) to account for changing needs and demographics.


The city has engaged with Corner Brook Pulp and Paper to determine whether a shared wastewater treatment plant would be feasible.


The City continues to invest in tourism. Despite the setback in 2020 due to COVID, we are still moving forward with initiatives such as:

  • Plans for a summer ATV festival will continue if it is determined to be safe.
  • Work will continue or commence on trails for ATV, Snowmobiles, cycling and walking.
  • We will be undergoing a branding exercise for the region.

Health and Wellness

The City has many projects started or in the plans:

  • The regional Recreational Centre is expected to break ground in the late spring or early summer. This facility will have a pool, kiddie pool, child minding, multi-purpose room, gymnasium, change rooms, fitness room and more. 
  • Final finishing touches for the Jubilee Field Clubhouse with official opening expected in the spring.
  • Redevelopment playground at JJ Curling.
  • Work on upgrading Carberry Road playground.
  • Expand on community gardens with a new garden at Brosnan Street in Curling.


Ryan Butt
Communications Officer
City of Corner Brook
Office: (709) 637-1662
Cell: (709) 632-8113