Bag-A-Day program Launches May 1, 2021

City of Corner Brook

The City of Corner Brook is excited to announce a brand new community cleanup program called Bag-A-Day, replacing Trash for Cash as a COVID-19-safe alternative. Through this simple program, residents can pick up trash in their communities and be entered to win a cash prize.

Here’s how it works:

  • On any given day, clean up your neighborhood or venture to another part of town.
  • Once you’ve got a full bag, leave it somewhere easy to find.
  • Call 637-1666 and let staff know where you have stored the bag. Public works will be dispatched to pick it up.
  • For every bag, a name will be entered to win $1500, $500 or $250 in cash.

Household or bulk garbage will not be accepted with this program. If you organize a group cleanup, be sure to enter everyone’s names! Let us know, as well, and we’ll help spread the word on social media.

This program will take place throughout the month of May with a draw happening on June 4th.