New IMSP Process To Begin April 28, 2021 With Virtual Information Session

City of Corner Brook

The City of Corner Brook will be holding a virtual Information session on April 28, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. to launch an exciting new initiative called Corner Brook: Planning Together. This will be a year-long project aimed at creating the next Integrated Municipal Sustainability Plan (IMSP).

An IMSP is the planning document for the City which establishes the vision, goals and policies for growth in Corner Brook. These policies are then implemented through the regulations and legal requirements which must be satisfied before development can be undertaken. Together, the IMSP and Development Regulations shape our cities and communities by determining what types of development can happen where.

Over the next year, the City will work closely with residents, businesses, and other community members to develop a plan with the goal of supporting and enhancing the environmental, economic, social, and cultural sustainability of Corner Brook. Community participation will be essential for the success of this project. There will be many opportunities to contribute and share your thoughts, ideas and opinions over the next year, including:

  • The Initial Engagement Phase will take place May to July and will include a range of online and in-person opportunities for discussion. The information collected during this phase will be summarized into an easy-to-read report.  
  • During the Draft Plan Phase, the planning team will take information from the previous phase and begin shaping the direction of the new IMSP.
  • In September 2021, the public will have the opportunity to provide feedback on preliminary ideas. In late fall the draft IMSP and Development Regulations will be presented to the public for more feedback.
  • The planning team will complete the new IMSP and Development Regulations during the Final Plan Phase, which will take place over the winter of 2022. The public will have the opportunity to provide any additional comments or concerns about the new planning documents at a Public Hearing held before City Council.

Please visit for more information about how you can stay up to date with the project.            

Corner Brook: Planning Together will officially launch on April 28 at 7:00 p.m., at a virtual presentation, followed by a question and answer session. This launch is intended to provide information about the process, establish expectations and introduce the consultants. A link to the project launch is available on the City’s Facebook Page or the project website,


Ryan Butt
Communications Officer
City of Corner Brook
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