IMSP Update Entering Next Step of Public Consultation

City of Corner Brook

The City of Corner Brook and Upland Planning + Design Studio are launching the next step of their public consultation process to update the City’s Integrated Municipal Sustainability Plan (IMSP).

A background report is now available to the public to provide some context regarding the current environment in Corner Brook. Residents, business owners, developers and other stakeholders can see it here ( in order to further inform their input in our surveys.

Three surveys have been launched for Business Owners, Developers and Builders as well as the community at large. The surveys can be accessed at We invite the public to submit their thoughts on the past decade of Corner Brook, and where improvements can and should be made for a new IMSP to guide us through the next decade. An interactive map is also available here (link) where community members can offer regional insight about growth and development, transportation, the environment and overall city wellbeing. 

The deadline for Survey submissions is 5:00 p.m. on June 4, 2021. After this a “What We Heard” document will be compiled based on feedback.

For anyone who missed the Project Launch on April 28 they can view the recorded Zoom session at On this page residents can also sign up for email notifications throughout this process until its completion in 2022.


Ryan Butt
Communications Officer
City of Corner Brook
Cell: (709) 632-8113