New CORNER BROOK Sign Unveiled

City of Corner Brook

As a part of Tourism Awareness Month, The City of Corner Brook is pleased to finally unveil our new CORNER BROOK sign to the public. Similar to such signs around the world, this installation will be a way for residents to show their pride in the rich culture of Corner Brook, bringing visitors to a historic part of our City which is already home to the Al Pittman Memorial, Majestic Lawn Gazebo and the Qalipu’s beautiful memorial to Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women. Along the way they will pass and visit local businesses and the Corner Brook Stream trailhead will be nearby for further exploring.

This project is led by our Tourism Division with funding support from the Federal and Provincial Governments. This sign is a part of many recent beautification initiatives in the downtown, such as new trash and recycling bins, more benches, the Civic Square Piano and the upcoming Crow Gulch Art Project. All of these initiatives are intended to enrich our community for visitors and residents alike. The sign’s design and installation services were provided by Speedpro Signs.



“The City of Corner Brook is serious about tourism. Over the last few years we’ve initiated a regional approach to tourism and hired dedicated staff to foster the industry here. We’re investing in our trail system and our downtown. Placemaking  initiatives like this sign encourage civic pride and give visitors a vibrant welcome to our vibrant City. While it is impossible to capture the historical and cultural breadth of our City in a sign, we’ve attempted to showcase some of our shared heritage in its imagery.  I expect to see thousands of photographs of this location spread throughout the world this summer.”

Jim Parsons, Mayor of Corner Brook

“Tourism plays a monumental part in the economy of the Long Range Mountains, and will continue to do so as we build back better from the COVID-19 pandemic. Iconic infrastructure like this new sign in Corner Brook help make visitors feel welcome and locals feel proud of the place they call home, especially since it exhibits so much imagery of Corner Brook’s past, present, and future. I can’t wait to see photos of tourists and locals with this new sign start to emerge online, and encourage more people to come and discover our incredible home.”

Gudie Hutchings, Member of Parliament, Long Range Mountains

““Creating new and innovative attractions to Corner Brook’s downtown core makes good business sense and this project is in keeping with that plan. With all its imagery and meaning, I anticipate our new ‘Corner Brook’ sign will be a pleasant venue for tourists, sports teams and convention-goers to have a picture taken during their stay in Corner Brook along with residents alike. I’m delighted to be at this unveiling today showing our pride in our City.” 

Gerry Byrne, Member of the House of Assembly for Corner Brook


Ryan Butt
Communications Officer
City of Corner Brook
Office: (709) 637-1662
Cell: (709) 632-8113