West Valley Rd/ Confederation Dr Intersection to Fully Open on Thursday June 3, 2021

City of Corner Brook

The new intersection of West Valley Road and Confederation Drive will open to traffic at 10:00 a.m. on Thursday June 3*, 2021.

At this time the adjacent 3-Way stop will close. Motorists are advised to follow the direction of flag people and to proceed with caution as this remains an active construction site.

When the intersection opens it will be a single-lane roundabout.

Vehicles, ATVs and bicycle riders entering the roundabout must first yield to pedestrians and then to vehicles, ATVs and bicycle riders already in the roundabout.  Vehicles in the roundabout always have the right of way. Vehicles must also yield to pedestrians when exiting the roundabout.

For more information about this project as well as instructional videos for how to navigate a roundabout head to www.cornerbrook.com/roundaboutinfo.


Ryan Butt
Communications Officer
City of Corner Brook
Cell: (709) 632-8113

*A previous copy of this announcement stated the intersection would open on Wednesday June 3 however this date has been pushed back 1 day.