City of Corner Brook


Corner Brook City Council, having adopted the City’s Integrated Municipal Sustainability Plan 2012 (IMSP) Amendment 21-01 and the 2012 Development Regulations (DR) Amendment 21-01 on September 13, 2021, hereby gives notice of its intention to seek approval of said amendments, in accordance with sections 17 and 18 of the Urban and Rural Planning Act, 2000, as per the following:


The principal purpose of the Amendments are to allow Council to consider approval of an increase to the storage capacity limitation for 24 White Lakes Drive, within the Watsons Pond Industrial Park, which is the location of the Superior Propane tank storage facility. This proposal requires text amendments to both the Integrated Municipal Sustainability Plan (IMSP) and Development Regulations (DR).


The Applicants, Superior Propane are proposing to add two additional Propane Storage Tanks at this site to increase their total site capacity to 621,000 liters or 164,000 USWG (United States Water Gallons) from the current limitation of 341,000 liters or 90,000 USWG.


The proposed amendments consist of text amendments to both the IMSP and to the DR and the proposed amendments are acceptable to ServiceNL and Corner Brook Fire Services.


A Public Hearing to consider MPA 21-01 and DRA 2l-01 will be held at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, October 12, 2021, at City Hall, 5 Park Street, Corner Brook.

Any person(s), corporation, partnership or association wishing to express objections, support, or comments for any part of the subject amendments being considered at the Public Hearing shall, at least 2 days before the date set for the hearing, deposit with the City Clerk, two copies of a signed, written statement outlining said objections, support, or comments.  If no representation is received within the time indicated, the Hearing may be cancelled.


The proposed amendments may be inspected by any interested persons by visiting City Hall during normal business hours, by contacting the Planning Office at 637-1553 or 637-1578, or by visiting the City’s website at


Also posted in “The West Coast Wire” newspaper, September 22 and October 6, 2021