Outdoor Fire Information For 2022

City of Corner Brook

Beginning on June 1, 2022 and continuing until August 31, 2022, outdoor fires such as brush clearing are banned within City limits, unless permitted by the Corner Brook Fire Department. To obtain a permit or more information please call 637-1620.

Outdoor, backyard and camp fires are permitted during this time so long as the fires are set in properly designed fireplaces with a spark arrestor in place. The fireplace must be made of a non-combustible material or fire-rated brick, with proper air flow channels to mitigate smoke.

There will be no fires of any kind permitted during times when the Provincial fire weather index is in the high or extreme range. This information can be obtained by telephoning the Provincial Forestry Service at (709) 637-2408 or visiting www.gov.nl.ca/ffa/public-education/forestry/forest-fires/fire-hazard-map-forecast. The City will also issue an advisory during these times.

Residents should follow good fire practices:

  • A responsible adult must supervise the fire at all times.
  • Only burn normal combustibles. (ie-wood, paper).
  • Do not burn petroleum-based material (ie. Plastic, fuel, etc.).
  • The Fireplace must be placed to allow for a minimum of two-metre clearance on three sides and the nearest combustibles.
  • Extinguishers must be kept within easy access, at all times. This may be in the form of approved Class A extinguishers or a garden hose.
  • These outdoor fireplaces shall not be used when wind conditions are such that they may cause embers to ignite surrounding material.
  • If the device is placed on a wooded patio deck they must sit on a non-combustible pad such as patio blocks. The blocks must extend 18 inches beyond (In front of) the wood loading door.
  • All fire must be extinguished before leaving the fireplace unattended.