City Launching New Public Notification Platform on December 1, 2022

City of Corner Brook

On Thursday December 1, 2022 the City of Corner Brook will begin to use an application called “Voyent Alert!” in an effort to inform residents about road closures, water outages and tender notifications. Residents who were signed up for our previous distribution app Mailchimp must opt-in to the new system in order to consent to its use. The City will no longer use Mailchimp as of December 1, 2022.

Voyent Alert! allows residents and visitors to create and follow multiple locations such as “Kids School” or “Mom’s House” for which they would like to receive notifications. Any event or communication related to your followed locations will be forwarded to you via your preferred communication method, such as: downloading and using the App, getting a text, getting an email, or getting voice to text on a landline. The voice to text landline is a great option for anyone that does not have internet or a cell phone.

The service is free, and easy to use. To register you can:

  1. Download and install the Voyent Alert! App form the Apple App or Google Play stores
  2. Register online at: 
  3. Call 637-1508 or 637-1535 or 637-1596 and a staff member would be happy to help you register.

Once you are registered, please remember to check the available topics frequently. We have plans to expand the list of topics for which we will use the service. Thank you for your patience as we expand our capability to reach more residents with information that affects their daily lives!