Weather Advisory for January 13, 2023

City of Corner Brook

The City of Corner Brook is monitoring a significant weather event which has been predicted for the West Coast of the island. A mix of precipitation is expected for the region over several days, so salt/ sand trucks have been loaded up, and sandbags have been prepared to deal with the potential freeze and thaw runoff. Public Works staff are checking and clearing major catch basins, and residents can help by doing the same for any infrastructure adjacent to their properties.

This event is expected to last from Friday evening into Sunday afternoon. A total initial snowfall of 10 to 20cm is expected, followed by 20 to 50mm of freezing rain and 25 to 40mm of rain. The rapidly accumulating snow could make highways, roads, walkways and parking lots icy and hazardous. The subsequent rain and thawing snow could mean flash floods and water pooling on roads.

Because similar events in the past have resulted in power outages, residents are encouraged to check their 72hr kit. For advice on putting together a 72hr kit, see here (link). Charge your flashlights and mobile devices. If you use a generator, remember to keep it at a safe distance to ensure emissions don’t make their way into your home.

The City has sand in the Civic Centre parking lot for anyone who needs it. Availability is first come, first served and it will be replenished as often as possible.

Throughout the event, if you see any issues with city infrastructure that needs to be addressed, please call 637-1666. In the event of an emergency issue, call 911.

For highway driving conditions check NL511, and for up to date weather advisories see Environment Canada’s Website here (link). Newfoundland Power Outages are available here (link) and customers can sign up for text notifications. The City will post necessary updates to our social media channels, and Environment Canada issues advisories through the Voyent Alert app which residents can sign up for here (link).