City Launching Online Reporting Tool

City of Corner Brook

The City of Corner Brook is excited to announce a new means of connecting with residents, making issue reporting more easy and accessible. A new online portal has been developed as an extension to our customer service phone line, 637-1666. Integrated with the same issue tracking application used by City staff, submissions through this portal will be triaged and addressed in the same way as when you call 637-1666. As such, the URL is This is a 24/7 tool. If your issue is emergent, we do encourage you to call 637-1666.

We are also excited to add three new Voyent Alert categories:

  • City Events (anything organized or sponsored by the City of Corner Brook)
  • Garbage Notifications (holiday delays, weather delays, special waste program information)
  • General notifications (Building closures, fireworks, other important uncategorized information)

If you haven’t already, you can register online at or by downloading the app onto your phone. With this system, residents can receive notifications about any area of the City they have selected such as home, work or children’s school. They can also choose the means of notification: email, text, through the app or by an automated phone call.