2023 Community Cleanup: May 15-31

City of Corner Brook

May 15th to 31st is our Community Cleanup! Residents or groups are encouraged to get out throughout the month, fill up a garbage bag or two, then leave it near a roadway for pickup by staff. When you call 709-637-1666 to tell us where they are, you’ll be entered to win one of several cash prizes! There will be multiple opportunities to win based on parts of the City, making it a great fundraising effort for an individual, a family or a community group.

Each bag picked up is a separate entry into a random draws of $50-$400 to be won per area! We have things divided by the following areas:
1. Downtown (West, Park, Main, Broadway)
2. Waterfront (Including railbed trails)
3. Curling
4. Heights/Shopping districts
5. North/South Connecters (West Valley, East Valley, Brookfield, Caribou/Country, Mt. Bernard)
6. O’Connell, Innovation District, including O’Connell side streets
7. Lady Slipper, Logger School, ATV Trails (within City limits)
8. Multi-use Pedestrian Trails
9. Bartlett’s Point, Margaret Bowater Park, Sports and recreation fields
10. Everything else!