Regional Smoke Alarm Installation Program

City of Corner Brook
With generous funding from the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, the City of Corner Brook is launching a new program to distribute an estimated 2700 battery operated smoke alarms to homeowner occupied homes (ie: not rentals or apartment buildings) built before the year 2000. This program will include homes in the City and surrounding region of Western Newfoundland including the Bay of Islands, Humber Valley, and White Bay South areas.
Recognizing that not all homes have the proper number of smoke alarms, and that smoke alarms are a major part of fire protection, the CBFD will work with other local fire departments to educate the public, distribute and install these alarms thanks to an investment of $90,000 from the department of Justice and Public Safety.
In order to be eligible, applicants must live in and own their homes, and the homes must have been built before the year 2000. An application form is available at Once applications are processed and passed on to the respective fire departments of the region, firefighters will contact the homeowners to arrange an installation visit. We expect to be installing alarms as soon as September 25th.
Remember: As per provincial regulations, alarms are required in each level of a home as well as each bedroom. Residents should also test their smoke alarms and replace batteries yearly, and replace all of their hard-wired and battery operated alarms when they have reached 10 years old. Those who are not eligible can still take advantage of a 15% discount on smoke alarms at Stan Dawe locations in Corner Brook.
For more information please call 1-709-637-1666.
“In homes today we have less than three minutes to get our families out of the building. Smoke alarms are the most critical part of fire protection and we must ensure that the smoke alarms are in correct location and in working order.” Deputy Chief Derek Simmons, City of Corner Brook Fire Department
“Smoke alarms save lives. As a government, we are working with municipalities to develop a strategic approach to the delivery of services and infrastructure, and this pilot project will play a role in keeping homes and communities safe in Corner Brook and surrounding region.” The Honourable John Hogan, KC, Minister of Justice and Public Safety.
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