Corner Brook Clean & Green

Anti-litter Campaign

A successful litter prevention program requires the coordination of City resources, volunteer resources and property owners. The cooperation of citizens, visitors, businesses and government will influence behaviors and attitudes that will help prevent unsightly and dangerous litter in our community. Check out the Top Ten Tips to Prevent Litter!

Illegal/Indiscriminate Dumping

Illegal dumping is a serious and growing problem.  Abandoned garbage is not only an eyesore but it impacts our city in many negative ways.  If you see incidences of illegal dumping please call the City of Corner Brook’s complaints line at 709-637-1666 to report it.

Clean Up Month

May is designated Clean Up Month for the City of Corner Brook. All month, members of the City staff organize cleaning events and create educational posters to engage community members with the City and the environment. The events raise awareness of issues related to litter and landfill space in hopes of creating environmental stewardship within the community that will last past the month of May. Clean Up Month Events include: Campsite Clean Up, Car Litter Prevention, Ca$h for Cup$, Curbside Giveaway Weekend, Spring Clean Up and Community Clean Up.

Campsite Clean Up

Campsite Clean Up is an initiative prompting residents to leave campgrounds exactly as they found it- to leave no litter and destroy no wildlife. Advertising Campsite Clean Up is essential before Victoria Day weekend as the unofficial start of camping season. The City of Corner Brook hopes that advertising Campsite Clean Up will encourage residents to practice leaving no trace and protecting the environmental integrity of any campsite year round.

Car Litter Prevention

Car litter is the worst and most frequent method to litter contribution in the area. Too many people are throwing cups from their cars when they finish their beverage, or cigarette butts when they are finished, causing harm to the environment and wildlife. To help clean up the City environment, the source of the problem must also be stopped. Instead of throwing garbage out of car windows, keep a litter bag in your car, or empty any garbage in the nearest waste bin. As this initiative becomes public knowledge hopefully more residents will become more environmentally friendly to help the environment and the City image.

Cash for Cups

Cash for Cups is an event in collaboration with Corporate Partners in the beverage industry in an effort to reduce litter and beautify the community. Beverage containers comprise approximately 40% to 60% of roadside litter and this litter can be found in all areas of our community, creating an eyesore, a hazard to wildlife and detracting from the City’s natural beauty. The event will pay 5 cents per cup to all volunteers, and there will also be 4 stamped cups valued at $100 each that will be hidden among other cups. The event aims to generate public interest to reduce littering activity while increasing corporate stewardship responsibility for the cups businesses generate.

Curbside Giveaway Weekend

The Curbside Giveaway Weekend is an annual event started in 2010. Residents can place any re-usable items on their curb with a “free” sign attached and treasure hunters can come by and take items with signs attached. The purpose of this event is to make residents think of re-using items, and diverting working items from the landfill. If a treasure is not claimed by a treasure hunter, residents are encouraged to donate the items to charities that may need it. Examples of “treasures” to set out for the giveaway include books, CDs, DVDs, furniture, small appliances, sports equipment, toys, tools, and construction materials.

Spring Clean Up

Spring clean up period is an event for the special collection of items too bulky for normal collection. Bulk clean up and regular garbage clean up is done on the same day to avoid any extra confusion. Accepted bulk objects accepted in Spring Clean Up include: household appliances labeled as AODS Free, furniture, safely packaged broken glass, toys, small automotive parts, and garden items such as branches and grass cuttings. Restricted items include: wood, hazardous, explosive or toxic waste, liquid wastes, tires, automotive parts exceeding 35 kg in aggregate weight and construction waste. Appliances and/or metals should be kept separate from other items to allow for separate pickup by the garbage contractor. Environmental guidelines require that prior to disposal, all fuel storage tanks must be emptied, vented and purged using steam or some other acceptable method.

Community Clean Up

The City of Corner Brook supplies gloves and bags to volunteer groups or businesses who wish to help clean up the City during a weekend in May. Volunteer groups are separated into sections and assigned an area of the City, this way the City should be cleaned as evenly as possible. The event was created to engage community members in litter prevention and restore the City’s natural beauty.

Fall Leaf Clean Up

Fall Leaf Clean Up is an event in fall in conjunction with normal garbage pick up. To separate plant material from garbage in the landfill, the City organized an event where residents could bag all their raked up leaves from their properties and put them out separate from their garbage. The City provides up to 10 compostable bags per property, and truck picks up the leaves from each residence with little inconvenience to community members. The purpose of the Fall Leaf Clean Up is to keep plant materials and garbage separate, and to promote healthy breakdown of leaves for composting.