The City of Corner Brook is proud of its efforts to provide solutions to care for the environment.  The environment plays a huge role in our lives and we work hard to create as little impact on it as possible.  Corner Brook is a city who residents believe in sustainable development, creativity, and leadership.  It is a city where decisions take into consideration the environment, economics, and community.  We all want the same thing:  to leave our children and our grandchildren with a safe and beautiful city in which to live.

Environmental sustainability is a top priority in Corner Brook.  As we continue to promote the health and beauty of our growing city, we foster our area’s natural resources and green spaces.  We are proud of our many green initiatives, and we continue to take action to reduce our environmental footprint.  We invest in active and alternative transportation such as walking, cycling, and public transit.  Fewer cars on the roads mean cleaner air.

Read more about what your municipality is doing for the environment through water conservation; waste diversion; and our future plans through the Partners for Climate Protection program.

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Kirstin Mercer – Sustainable Development Technician – 709-637-1630