IMSP and Development Regulation Amendments

An amendment to either the Integrated Municipal Sustainability Plan (IMSP) or the Development Regulations involves a change to either specific text or a specific map.  A text amendment may involve changing one work or many sections of the IMSP and/or Development Regulations, with no change to the land use mapping.  An example of a text amendment could involve the addition or removal of a condition for a specific use; i.e adding a condition that addresses reduced setbacks on side yards.  An amendment to the land use zoning maps could involve a change to the boundaries and designation of one, several or all zones.  If a zoning amendment is successful, the land is then capable of supporting all uses, permitted and discretionary, of the new zone. The City uses this webpage as one method of delivery to give notice to the residents of Corner Brook whenever a proposal has been requested to amend the IMSP or the Development Regulations.

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TAKE NOTICE that the CITY OF CORNER BROOK Municipal Plan Amendment MP19-03 and Development Regulations DR19-03, adopted on the 13th day of January, 2020 and approved on the 13th day of April, 2020, have been registered by the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Environment.

Amendment MP19-03 changes the future land designations of the subject property at 701 O’Connell Drive from ‘Comprehensive Residential Development Area (CRDA)’ to ‘Residential (RES)’ and is a map amendment to the Generalized Future Land Use Maps A & B. Amendment DR19-03 changes the land use zones of the subject property from Comprehensive Residential Development Area (CRDA) to Residential Medium Density (RMD), being a map amendment to the Land Use Zoning Map C1.


The purpose of the amendments is to allow the development of a new a single dwelling that is a prohibited use in the CRDA zone. The Amendments would re‐designate and re‐zone the CRDA portion of the subject property to RES and RMD to allow the proposed development. The area has recently been serviced with municipal water. The property also has access to municipal sanitary sewer service. There is an existing, provincially‐approved and constructed access onto O’Connell Drive. The proposed use of a single dwelling is a permitted use in the RMD zone.


The CORNER BROOK Municipal Plan Amendment MP19-03 and Development Regulations Amendment DR19-03 come into effect the day this notice is published in the Newfoundland and Labrador Gazette. Anyone wishing to inspect a copy of the CORNER BROOK Municipal Plan Amendment MP19-03 and Development Regulations Amendment DR19-03 may do so at City Hall, Corner Brook during normal business hours.


Marina Redmond, City Clerk



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Planning staff are available to respond to all concerns related to zoning and amendments.

Planning Department – 709-637-1553 or 709-637-1578

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