Municipal Plan Amendments


The City of Corner Brook, in an attempt to provide an improved level of Service to all resident of the City, actively engages in amendments to our Integrated Sustainable Municipal Plan (IMSP) and Development Regulations.  Below you will find a list of active amendments/changes being considered.


MP/DR 20-01

Public Notice: MP/DR 20-01 Proposed Amendments to Municipal Plan and Development Regulations to improve clarity and improve processing of Planning and Development Applications.

The Public is advised that the City of Corner Brook is considering amendments to its Integrated Municipal Sustainability Plan and Development Regulations, as per the following:

  • The IMSP mapping change will simplify the use of, add clarity to and reduce the number of changes to the IMSP Generalized Future Land Use “Maps A and B”.
  • The IMSP text change is replacement wording for s.10.9 Interpretation of the Municipal Plan to reflect existing mapping/GIS conditions and address the generalized nature of Designation and Zone boundary lines.
  • The Development Regulations text changes are revised wording for:
    • s. 1.2 Interpretation to reflect the replacement wording in the IMSP and give the policy direction status within the DR;
    • s. 4.1 Delegation to delegate the authority for interpretation of IMSP Designation and DR Zone boundary locations for clarity; and
    • s. 125. (4)Use Zones to align the DR in relation to the IMSP Land Use Designations and with the IMSP Generalized Future Land Use Maps A and B.

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Proposed Amendments MP/DR 20-01 (click to view)

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Council requests that anyone wishing to provide comments on the proposed amendments do so in writing by 4:00 p.m., Friday, November 27th, 2020. A response to this public notice shall form part of the public record. If you do not wish your name attributed to the comment, please advise the City when responding. Anyone wishing to inspect a copy of the proposed amendments may do so by visiting City Hall during Covid business hours (10:00 am to 3 pm), by contacting the Planning Office at 637-1553, or by visiting the City’s website at”