Poll Tax

Beginning January 1, 2020, Poll Tax has been eliminated. If there is currently a balance from previous years, it is to be paid in full. If you are eligible for an exemption, please refer to the section below outlining the exemption process.

For more information about poll tax: call 709.637.1565  email: polltax@cornerbrook.com or  fax: 709-637-1625

What is “poll tax”?

The City of Corner Brook Act defines Poll Tax as being an annual tax of $200.00 (for 2019 taxation year) which is set by Council on all persons 18 years of age or older who ordinarily live in the City and do not own residential property or are employed in the City for a period of not less than 3 months of that billing year.  A person who becomes a non-resident or employee in the City for the billing year is entitled to a rebate or exemption of the poll tax that the person has paid for the full year. The rebate will be in proportion to the duration of time that person is not a resident or employee.


  1. If you are or become a property owner within the City of Corner Brook.  If you pay equal to or more than the poll tax of becoming a property owner in the same billing year.
  2. If you are liable to pay a poll tax or property tax in another municipality where you ordinarily live.
  3. If your spouse or common-law partner pays property tax, you are exempt from paying poll tax by providing a marriage certificate or CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) form showing claiming common-law status.
  4. If you earned less than $32,500.00 in 2019, based on 2018 income as confirmed on 2018 CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) tax return document, you are exempt from paying poll tax.  You will have to provide your Notice of Assessment from CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) to show your income.

If you are a student, and you earn more than $32,500.00, deduct the cost of your tuition (from form T-2202A) and the education amount that you claimed on your 2018 income tax return from your total income.  If the result is less than $32,500.00, you are exempt from paying poll tax for 2019. (Do not include income from an RESP, Canada Pension (Orphan’s Benefits) or HRDC Education allowance when calculating your income).

To apply for Exemption:

Please complete the Poll Tax Exemption Application Form and bring your poll tax bill and any of the documents (listed below) that support your claim for the exemption, to City Hall, 5 Park Street, Corner Brook, and a Customer Service Representative will assist you in applying for an exemption.  You can also fax documents to (709) 637-1625 or email: polltax@cornerbrook.com

  1. Birth Certificate: Bring in a copy of your birth certificate to prove you are under 18 years of age.
  2. 2018, Notice of Assessment: To prove your income was less than $32,500.00 bring a copy of your  Notice of Assessment from your federal tax return.  If you were a student in 2018, you should also bring copies of your Form T-2202A , your T4A from your 2018 federal tax return. If you have not received your Notice of Assessment, you may contact the Canada Revenue Agency at 1800-959-8281 or visit their website at Canada Revenue Agency Assessment
  3. Poll or Property Tax: If you pay a property tax or a poll tax in another municipality, bring in a copy of the tax bill to determine if you are eligible for an exemption. Please note that exemption does not include business taxes or property tax on a business.

If you do not apply for and receive an exemption, the City will take measures to collect your poll tax payment and this could affect your credit rating.

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