Projects & Initiatives

The Council of the City of Corner Brook is committed to making this an excellent place to live, work, and raise a family.  Council is always looking for new ways for our community to grow and prosper.  The following is a list of initiatives and projects that the city has completed or is currently participating in:

Capital Works Program

As part of Council’s long-term commitment to capital improvements, the City participated in a progressive 3-year capital works program.  This investment enabled the city to address several high priority concerns such as road reconstruction and repairs, building and facility renovations, and upgrades for recreational areas.  Through this program, the city continued to grow with improved level of services for its residents while taking into consideration the city’s social, economic and environmental needs.


  • Waste Water Strategic Plan
  • Facade Appeal Comprehensive Enhancement (FACE) Grant Program
  • Downtown Urban Design Action Plan
  • A Long Term Asset Management Plan
  • Continuing to work with Federal & Provincial partners to improve our infrastructure
  • Major Bertram Butler Trail Expansion
  • Bikeway Extension
  • Provide quality municipal services to the community
  • Civic Centre upgrades of lighting, chairs, and a new ice cover
  • Continue public consultation on issues that are important to residence
  • Hosting the Tall Ship Festival and Canada 150 Celebrations (2017)