Wage Subsidies

The Federal and Provincial governments offer a range of wage subsidy programs designed to meet the needs of employers and employees.  Wage subsidy programs are intended for a specific target group and provide financial assistance to businesses looking to hire specific skill sets.

For more information on Federal Government wage subsidy programs, please click the links below.

Career Focus
Skills Link
Summer Work Experience

You can also contact your local Service Canada office for more information on the programs listed above.

Joseph R. Smallwood Building
1 Regent Square, Corner Brook, NL
Telephone:  1-709-637-4201

For more information on Provincial Government wage subsidy programs, please click the links below.

Graduate Employment Program
Job Creation Partnerships
Linkages Program
NL Works Program
NL Wage Subsidy
Workplace Skills Enhancement Program

You can also contact the local departments listed below.

Department of Advanced Education and Skills (AES)
Western Regional Office
1-3 Union Street
2nd Floor Aylward Building
Telephone:  1-866-417-4753

Department of Business, Tourism, Culture and Rural Development (BTCRD)
Millbrook Mall, 2 Herald Avenue
P.O. Box 2006
Corner Brook, NL  A2H 6J8
Telephone:  1-709-637-2980
Fax:  1-709-639-7713