The City’s engineering department is working with a Geotech Engineer to determine slope stability before moving heavy equipment onto the scene. The area is still saturated so The City will monitor water seepage over the upcoming weeks, allowing for the area to dry. After this point the slope would need to be assessed with a topographic/LiDAR survey and geotechnical boreholes to model the slope and provide recommendations on permanent remediation and reinstatement.

The road must remain closed until we can make it safe to use again. Residents are advised to avoid Riverside Drive (sidewalk included) and the area of Confederation Drive extension (Eastern end, past the Ford dealership) which is uphill from this incident.

It should also be noted that this landslide did not occur at the site that led to the road being closed as a precautionary measure over the weekend. Friday’s washout was an existing water way that overflowed and took debris with it. After it was cleaned up, Public Works staff examined woods and waterways upstream of that area and determined that water was flowing as it should. Last night’s incident was not near the same water course as Friday’s washout, and was at a much higher elevation.

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