Every year, the City of Corner Brook conducts an annual curbside fall leaf collection which takes place on regular garbage collection days.  To keep leaves separate from garbage and recyclables, a second truck picks up the leaves.

Leaves may be placed at the curb no later than 8:00 a.m. Please refer to the Dates to Remember section at the bottom of the garbage schedule.

For 2023 the pickup will take place from Monday November 6 to Friday November 10 on days 3, 4, 5, 1 and 2 respectively.

Things to Remember

Leaves will only be collected on leaf collection days. Use CLEAR bags.

Separate the yard waste (leaves, grass clippings) from garbage and place on the opposite side of the driveway if possible.

Do not pile leaves on the sidewalk. If a rainfall occurs or if snow falls, it could create an obstruction for runoff or even clog City drainage and infrastructure.

Materials Not Collected

  • Material or tree cuttings over 10 cm (4in.) in diameter
  • Earth, rocks, or stumps
  • Other types of waste should not be mixed with leaf and yard waste

Leaf Disposal Alternatives

Mulching and composting are the most economical and environmentally beneficial ways to discard your leaves.

  • Instead of disposing of your leaves, save them and gradually add them to your home composter.  They will break down into useful organic material that can be added to flower and vegetable gardens.
  • Leaves, although bulky when first raked, will compost well in a pile over the winter.
  • Rather than raking your leaves, mulch them on your lawn or garden.  When the leaves are dry, mow your lawn more frequently.  The mulched leaves will soon disappear into your garden as fertilizer.
  • Mulch leaves with your lawn mower or other mulching device prior to bagging.  This can significantly reduce the volume of leaves (10 bags of loose leaves = 1 bag of mulched leaves).

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