The mayor is committed to serving the residents of Corner Brook.  Many request to represent and attend functions are received.  Being the Mayor of a thriving city, the Mayor’s schedule is booked months in advance.  For this reason, we encourage you to submit your request a minimum of 4 weeks before the event date.

For further information on how to connect with the Mayor, please contact the Mayor’s office.  Correspondence to the Mayor should be addressed to:

Office of the Mayor

City of Corner Brook
5 Park Street
PO Box 1080
Corner Brook, NL  A2H 1C1

Phone:  709-637-1535
Fax:  709-637-1543

The City of Corner Brook offers Civil Marriage Ceremonies that are performed by the Mayor.  Prior to the ceremony you must obtain a Marriage License from an Issuer of Marriage License.  The fee for the ceremony is $200.00 within the City and $250 outside the City.  Payment can be made in the Office of the City Clerk prior to the ceremony taking place.  However, in the event the Mayor is not available, there are other marriage commissioners in the Corner Brook area who may be of assistance.

Certificates are issued to Corner Brook residents and organizations for special occasions, such as: anniversaries, birthdays, official openings, athletic championships, and outstanding community service.


  • 25th wedding anniversaries and up
  • 75th birthdays and up
  • individual, businesses and organizations on milestone occasions
  • athletics champions – winners of provincial, national or international competitions

Request should be submitted a minimum or four weeks prior to the event and must include the following details:

  • Recipient’s full name and address
  • Occasion information (25th wedding anniversary, 75th birthday) including the date of the event
  • Requester name, address and contact number
  • Deadline date if different from event date
  • Mailing address or whether someone will pick up the certificate at the Office of the Mayor

Letters of greeting are issued to groups, institutions, individuals, organizations, or business for the following:


  • conventions, trade shows, festivals
  • city-wide sports tournaments
  • cultural celebrations
  • charity fundraising galas
  • significant anniversaries and awards

Letters are often used in an organization’s printed program or for display purpose at the convention, trade show or event for which it was requested.

Requests for Letters of Greeting from the Mayor must be accompanied by a detailed description of the organization and the event for which it is being requested.  Drafted words and phrases to be included in the letter are welcome.  The more detail provided regarding the event, the more personalized the letter can be.  At a minimum, the accompanying information must include:

  • the event date
  • printing deadline
  • a brief overview of the event, and
  • contact information

Each year, the Mayor attends many special events, ceremonies, and celebrations in Corner Brook.  If you would like to invite the Mayor to an event, please do so in writing.  Your letter should include:


  • The date and time of the event (and whether these are flexible)
  • Name, telephone, fax and email for contact person at your organization
  • Background information on the event and the organizers
  • The venue
  • The number of people expected to participate
  • The role you would like the Mayor to play (e.g. speech, award presentation, attendance only)

The Mayor will review all invitations. If further information is required, a staff member from the Office of the Mayor will contact the organizer of the event.

If you are also interested in obtaining a “message from the Mayor” and/or a letter of greeting for your event program, please submit your request in writing four weeks in advance of your print deadline, to the Office of the Mayor.

Proclamations recognize the value and importance of an event, campaign or organization that is significant to a community.  Proclamations are issued by the Mayor, upon request, to designate a special day, week or month.

Flag raisings enhance public awareness of activities such as fund-raising drives, multi-cultural events and national days.  A country, event or activity flag is raised on the courtesy flagpole located at City Hall, for up to one month.


Requests to use the courtesy flagpole should be submitted in writing and will be confirmed on a first come, first serve basis.

Information to be included in your request is as follows:

  • Organization name, address, contact, title, phone number, fax number and email address
  • Proposed date and time of flag raising ceremony
  • Request for a ceremony
  • Name of flag to be raised

Flag may be lowered to half-mast to commemorate special dates such as Remembrance Day or as a measure of respect and condolences when a high profile official passes away.

A flag is generally half-masted until sunset on the day of the funeral or memorial, unless other arrangements have been specified.

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