Special Event Application

The Special Event Application Form is required to be completed for all outside special events, including, but not limited to the following: Weddings, birthday parties, concerts, festivals, parades, etc. The Special Event Permit process helps to ensure that all departments required to provide services are aware of and prepared for potential conditions arising from the event, i.e. traffic control, electricity and Insurance Fees

Complete and submit the Special Event Application request form to book the use of a City owned and/or operated property to hold a sporting or leisure special event. Filling out this application does not guarantee permission to use the property or facility will be granted. This application must be filed with the City at least four weeks prior to the scheduled date of the special event.

For special events such as tournaments, the Special Event Application must be submitted in addition to a Sports Field Allocation Application.  It is best to submit applications as early as possible.

Insurance Information

The event Organizer/Association/League/Team must obtain comprehensive general liability insurance protecting the City of Corner Brook against liability for bodily injury, death and property damage arising out of the event and listing the City as an “additional named insured” on the certificate. The minimum limit of $2,000,000.00 (Two Million Dollars) will be per occurrence and have a cross liability clause. A copy of your insurance certificate must be submitted ten (10) business days before the event date.

Note: Insurance maybe purchased from the City of Corner Brook. However, depending on the activity, risk factor and number of participants prices may vary.

Application Fees and Charges

Special Event Item Fee Note
Electricity $10.00 If requested for event
Turf and Site Repairs (if damage occurs) Direct Recovery Labor, Equipment and Materials
Special Events (concerts, circus, walk, sport tournaments, fun days, etc)

*Under 50 participants–$5.00

*Over 50 participants–$20.00

*Sport Tournaments–$20.00

Supporting documentation providing eligible criteria may be necessary or fee may apply



For additional information, contact the Recreation Services Division at 709-637-1577