See and Do
Art Galleries      
Grenfell Campus Art Gallery-MUN20 University Dr(709) 637-6209    
Tina Dolter Gallery5 Park St(709) 630-0012    
Picture it in a Frame Museum/Art Gallery51 West St(709) 634-7594    
Newfoundland Emporium11 Broadway(709) 634-9376    
Rotary Arts Centre5 Park St(709) 630-0012    
Adventure Tours      
NameAddress PhoneWebsite/Email    
Rugged Edge ATV & Snowmobile Rentals and Tours 8 Lundrigan Dr, Corner Brook(709) 634-6683–tours    
Marble Inn Adventure Tours51 Dogwood Dr, Steady Brook(709) 643-2237    
Marble Zip Tours2 Marble Dr(709) 632-5463    
Four Seasons Tour52 Country Rd, Cox’s Cove(709) 688-2125    
Cycle Solution Tours 35 West St, Corner Brook(709) 634-7100    
The Saltbox and Everoutdoor Adventures410 Main Rd, Benoit’s Cove(709) 789-3752    
Marble Mountain Resort2 Marble Dr(709) 637-7601    
Marble Zip Tours2 Marble Dr(709) 632-5463    
Margret Bowater Park19 O’Connell Dr (709) 637-1232     
Corner Brook Museum and Archives2 West St(709) 634-2518    
Railway Society of NewfoundlandRiverside Dr(709) 634-2720     
Corner Brook Stream TrailBrook St(709) 639-9266    
Captain James Cook National Historic siteMayfair Ave(709) 637-1232    
Steady Brook Falls TrailDivision No. 5, Subd. F, NL      
Grenfell Art Gallery20 University Dr(709) 637-6209    
Tipping’s PondMassy Dr(709)    
Bartlett’s Point Park 149 Petries St(709) 637-1666     
Kinsmen Prince Edward Campground & RV ParkNL-440, Corner Brook, NL(709) 637-1580    
Three Bear Mountain Trail1 Hospital Hill(709) 639-9266    
Corner Brook Baptist Church11 O’Connell Dr(709) 634-2985    
Holy Redeemer Catholic Parish15 Mt Bernard Ave(709) 634-5161    
Westside Tabernacle37 Elizabeth St(709) 634-2513    
First United Church19 Park St(709) 634-5301    
St John the Evangelist Anglican Cathedral25 Main St(709) 634-5371    
SonRise Ministries Family Faith Church29 Wellington St(709) 634-2341    
First Pentecostal Church58 Premier Dr(709) 634-4641    
Humber United Church 88 Clarence St(709) 634-5280    
Corner Brook Seventh-Day Adventist Church71 Philip Dr(709) 634-5051    
Saint Michael and All Angels Anglican ChurchPark Dr(709) 632-5688    
All Saints Anglican Rectory44 Clarence St(709) 634-6963    
Salvation Army Citadel 36 Clarence St(709) 634-5240    
Salvation Army177 O’Connell Dr(709) 634-5204    
All Hallows Church109 Humber Rd(709) 634-7384    
Country Road Gospel Hall168 Country Rd(709) 632-5992    
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints19 Montgomerie St(709) 634-9700    
Jehovah’s Witnesses163 Premier Dr(709) 634-1425    
Saint Mary the Virgin Anglican Church456 Curling St(709) 785-5055    
Sacred Heart Catholic Church469 Curling St (709) 785-5025    
For Kids      
NameAddress PhoneWebsite/Email    
Bartlett’s Point Park  149 Petries St(709) 637-1666     
Arts and Culture Centre Pool11 University Dr(709) 637-2584    
Tippings PondMassy Dr(709)    
Corner Brook Centre Bowl24 Reid St(709) 634-4934    
Marble Spider Challenge 2 Marble Dr(709) 632-5463https://www.marblezip    
Corner Brook Museum and Archives2 West St (709) 634-2518    
Cineplex Cinemas Millbrook2 Main St(709) 634-2074    
Marble Mountain Resort2 Marble Dr(709) 637-7601    
Blomidon Golf & Country ClubW Valley Rd(709) 634-2523    
Steady Brook Falls Division No. 5, Subd. F, NL    
Captain James Cook LookoutMayfair Ave(709) 637-1232    
Margret Bowater Park/Splash Pad19 O’Connell Dr(709) 637-1232     
Majestic LawnWest St      
Getting Around      
Star Taxi Ltd100 West St(709) 634-4343     
City Taxi4 Caribou Rd(709) 634-6565     
Corner Taxi Ltd191 O’Connell Dr(709) 634-5662     
Birchy Taxi Cabs 330 Curling St(709) 785-2540     
Blomidon Golf & Country ClubW Valley Rd(709) 634-2523    
Humber Valley Golf CourseDivision No. 5, Subd. F, NL(709) 686-2710    
Night Life      
AJs Bar and Billiards71 Broadway(709) 638-5102    
Backlot1 University Dr(709) 639-2045    
Curling Ranger Lounge336 Curling St(709) 785-7020    
Golden Cue6 Commercial St(709) 634-1752     
DaMarcus Restobar2 Herald Avenue(709) 634-5000     
Bootleg Brew Co.92 West St(709) 634-2964     
Odin’s Axe 6 Commercial St(709) 639-6346    
Whelan’s Gate51 Broadway(709) 639-4283    
Union Street Bar and Billiards24 A Union St(709) 634-6410    
West 9696 West St(709) 639-8499    
The 86’er Pub86 Broadway(709) 388-8686    
Swirsky’s7 Broadway(709) 632-0992     
Sea Port Lounge47 Main St(709) 634-8211     
Black Pearl34 Broadway(709) 639-2255    
Marine Lounge Takeout10 Old Humber Rd(709) 634-8913    
Lower Deck Pub93 West St(709) 634-8900    
Lucky’s Pub1 Brook Street(709) 637-0669    
Name Address      
Margaret Bowater Park19 O’Connell Dr      
Bartlett’s Point Park149 Petries St      
East Valley Road PlaygroundEast Valley Road      
Carrberry Road Playground 59 Fillatre Ave      
Prince Edward Park NL-440, Corner Brook, NL A2H 6W8      
Walking/Biking TrailsEasy / Green Circle ΟIntermediate / Blue Triangle ΔDifficult / Black Diamond    
Title ActivitiesAddressMore Info     
Ginger Route ΔMountain Bike Upper Margaret Bowater parking lot or from the top of Ginger Route at Crockers Road    
Cub Mountain ΟBikingAccess from gated power station road at 3 Mile Dam    
Bunny Blaster ΔBikingAccess from Tippings Pond or from the power station road    
Mikey’s Trail ΔMountain BikeAccess from the water supply or Tippings Pond    
Goldmine  Mountain Bike Park at Tippings Pond Parking lot, access the transmission line near the parking lot and head east. The double track quad trail will take you over a steep, punchy but short climb along the Transmission line    
Curry Climb ΔMountain BikeAccess from Harvey’s Road at the bottom of Massey Drive. Park on the side of Harvey’s Road and enter the trail on the right side of the steel gate 
Yogi ΟBikingAccess from the groomed trail/Massey Drive extension 4-way intersection.    
Mercury Hill ΔMountain BikingAccess from Tippings Pond, trail begins with a steep climb at the end of Mudslide Trail    
Mudslide ΟMountain BikingAccess from Tippings Pond. There is a trail that leaves Massey Drive Extension near Tippings Pond and crosses the Transmission Line. The start of Mudslide is approximately 5 minutes off the main road.    
Sweety Pie ΔMountain BikeAccess from Tippings Pond – trail begins at the end of Mercury Hill.    
Moose Knuckle Mountain BikingAccess this trail from Massey Drive Extension. Continue past Enchanted Forest, and continue towards the Marble Mountain Doplar. Once you’ve climbed for approximately 20 to 25 minutes, you’ll pass the groomed trail on the right that heads to the doplar. Continue past this and into a narrower trail that connects to the transmission line. Follow this trail through a couple small brooks, and down the transmission line (steep section) until you approach the trail head on the right.    
Snake Bite Ridge ♦Mountain BikingAccess from Mikey’s Trail    
Copper Mine Trail/Cape Blow Me Down trail ΔHikingThe trail is well marked and easy to follow at any time of year. At the base of the mountain there is a trail sign with trail lengths and difficulty ratings.    
Tippings Pond ΟWalking Map # 12a/13 From TCH exit onto Massey Drive and drive to the top of the hill. The park is located at the end.    
Corner Brook Stream Trail ΟWalkingBrook St    
Man in the Mountain Trail ΔHikingThe trail head of Humber Valley Trail is located near Ballam Bridge at the entrance to Corner Brooks Riverside Drive and the Bay of Islands north shore highway, Admiral Palliser?s Trail, Route 440.N48 57.226 W57 53.165.    
Three Bear Mountain Trail ΟWalkingThe trailhead is located at the JJ O’Conell Center on Hospital Hill in Corner Brook’s west end.    
Gorge Trail HikingFrom the TCH, travel in the 3 Mile Dam road towards The Walking Trail. Cross over the first bridge and continue along the pipeline until you come to a section with stairs going over the pipeline on your right. Carry your bike over the stairs, and the trail starts at a lookout    


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