The 2024 tax rates for Commercial Property owners of the City of Corner Brook are as follows:

Commercial Property tax is based on the property’s assessed value, which is determined by the Municipal Assessment Agency.  A mill rate is the amount charged per $1,000 of the assessed property value.

Fully Serviced

For a fully serviced Commercial property (water and sewer), the property tax mill rate is 13.0 mils, plus $750 for water and sewer.  The amount charged for the water and sewer includes a $100 sewer levy.

Partially Serviced

For a partially serviced Commercial property (water only), the property tax mill rate is 9.5 mils, plus a $570 charge for water.


For an un-serviced Watsons Pond Industrial Park (Fire Protected Area), the property tax mill rate is 8.0 mils only.

Tax Calculation Example

Example of a property tax calculation:

Assume: Property’s assessed value is $100,000 and is fully serviced.
Mill rate is 13.0.
The property tax calculation is:

$100,000 x 13.0= $1300

In addition to $1300, there is a $750 charge for water and sewer.

The total amount of taxes charged for this property would be:
$1300   (property tax)
+ $750   (water and sewer charge)

Note:  the minimum amount of taxes payable on any Commercial property is $270.

For a more detailed listing of the City of Corner Brook tax rates, please click here.

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